Time tested Hardware devices

  1. Time tested devices
  2. Successfully runing in more than 3 countries since a decade.
  3. Manufactured under direct supervision of experienced professionals. d. Devices comes with CE mark
  4. Build for Indian climatic, road and vehicle conditions
  5. Support the device for 4-5 years
  6. Many add-on systems & sensors
  7. Driver identification system
  8. Immobilizer
  9. Arm Sensors (earth moving equipments)
  10. Devices with Multiple SIM cards (for trans country trucking)
  11. Fuel level sensors

Simple and In depth Application

  1. Very strong domain understanding and appreciation of the challenges and requirements of the end customer
  2. Can handle variety of customization requirements
  3. Industry specific applications
  4. Simple, easy to use, Indepth application

Seamless Integration with Enterprise Application

The software platform has the ability to seamless connect to different enterprises application. These could be traditional ERP, financial applications or more enterprise mobility applications. Large organizations can harness the power of the solution and realize returns on their investme

Dedicated Support

  1. Dedicated help desk
  2. Online Customer ticketing system

Skilled and experienced Engineers

  1. Skilled & Experienced Field Service Engineers (Cars, trucks, Earth moving machineries, Pullers, Tippers etc.,)
  2. Experience of several installations & implementations (small, midsize and large scale)
  3. Presence in several territories and capacity for more.

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