Tracer - Reefer Vehicle Tracking System

Maintaining the right temperature has always been a challenge for Reefer goods Transporters. Tracer Temperature Monitoring solutions give real time temperature and compressor status and creates a proof for your service.


  1. Get complete visibilityof the your generator Location, no of hours worked, Power Generated, Generator Start / Stop etc., in real time
  2. Take complete control of the Fuel spend by integrating Fuel level sensor with the Tracer GPS devices
  3. Give Proof of Service with accuracy with our powerful admin features customers can monitor their machines in real time without calling you
  4. Go Beyond GPS manage the cost per trip using our maintenance module
  5. Respond to Generator Breakdown faster by assessing the problem using Fault codes
  6. Generate Reports that suits all needs / role. Simple to use, 50+ exhaustive reports. Each user get only relevant and specific data
  7. Access Through Mobile apps We understand that your require all the critical information about your fleet while you are on the move. Our mobile app allows you to do just that
  8. Receive Critical Alerts and Notifications. Get Crucial updates on vehicle in your mail and SMS

    Suitable for Trucks, Trailers, Pullers, Tankers, Dumpers, Cars etc.,

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Watch Route Replay

Replay of the entire route taken by the vehicles along with stoppages, distance travelled, over speed etc.,