Our Team

Mr. Nagarajan Govindarajan
Managing Director

Mr.Nagarajan Govindarajan is spearheading the company’s ambitious plans of making it Global. With his shrewd skills on understanding concepts, and technology has helped the company to come to this stage where company is well established in 4 countries and looking for further expansion in Europe and USA.

Mr. Ramasamy Arumugam
Director and Head of Technology

Mr.Ramasamy Arumugam is responsible for Product development, innovation and implementation of new solutions. His approach on products and solutions, has made the customers simple, user –friendly and yet effective.

Mr. Vidhiyadharan Nadaraja
Director & Head of Software

He has Undertaken exhaustive study in India and abroad, constantly works on improving the software application for different segments and industries. Handling Data of four countries of more than 30,000 Devices and makes consistent up gradation on the Dash Board and data analytics for effective MIS for customers.

Mr. HariKrishnan
Director & Head of Overseas Operations

Dynamic person and assumed charge of company’s overseas operations in 2006 and with his sound marketing and Public Relations skills established all products and services in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia and East Africa.